Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashion Fun Funds Library Literacy

The ‘Literacy in Style’ show held last Saturday featured not just women’s clothes from Dress Barn of Visalia but also books used by the Literacy Center to teach adult learners.

“We wanted to showcase our fashions and the work of the Literacy Center in a unique way,” said Barbara Dicks, Dress Barn Assistant Manager. “The tutors and learners were part of the show, and they displayed some of the books used at the Center as they modeled the clothing.”

The show was a fundraiser for the Center and, in addition to the fashions, a silent auction featuring gift baskets was part of the afternoon.

“The weather was beautiful and so were our models and their outfits,” said Win Doyle, Literacy Center staff member. “We are grateful to Dress Barn for sharing with us this fun way of raising money to buy the books needed to keep our program going. There is a 41 percent illiteracy rate in the county and we want to bring that number down.”

The Tulare County Library Literacy Center serves all Tulare County adults in need of literacy services. For further information, call the Center at 713-2745.