Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Tuesday Book Club Meets June 4th

This month's book:

by Kathryn Kay

Art restorer Marina Nesmith's life seems flawless, at least on the surface. But more and more, Marina is conscious of what she lacks - most especially, the courage to tell her teenage daughter, Zoe, the truth about her father. Then Marina is invited to return to Florence, where she learned her trade as a gilder years ago. In those heady days, she wandered the city's picturesque streets and struck up a friendship with Thomas, an American photographer. He and his wife, Sarah, introduced Marina to a thrilling, bohemian world of art and beauty. Through them, she also learned about love, lies, and the way one mistake can multiply into many. Now, as past and present collide, Marina must move beyond the intricate veneer she's crafted around herself and find the life that she - and Zoe - have been looking for. (Amazon.com)