Thursday, March 20, 2014


A unique program in the Tulare County Library's "Getting to Know" series will be a presentation featuring the Happy Trails Riding Academy on Thursday, March 27 at 6:30 pm.
Happy Trails Academy offers therapeutic horsemanship, a type of treatment for children and adults who suffer from physical, cognitive, emotional and psychological disabilities.  This alternative to traditional therapy uses horseback riding to promote physical well being, psychological benefits and social development by the rider.
Among the physical benefits are decreased spasticity from the stretching of tight muscles, increased joint range of motion, reduced abnormal movements, and improved respiration, circulation, appetite and digestion.  In addition, overall sensory integration iis strengthened.
Psychological benefits fostered by therapeutic riding include improved self-confidence, increased interest in one*s life and the outside world, and the development of patience, emotional control, self-discipline and a sense of normality.
Socially, patients develop friendships, increase their experiences and enhance their capacity for enjoyment.
The *Getting to Know** programs sponsored by the Tulare County Library are designed to offer county residents an introduction to and information about people, issues, and organizations in the Central Valley.  Programs are being held the fourth Thursday of the month at
6:30 pm at the Visalia Branch Library throughout the spring.  Stan Carrizosa, president of the College of the Sequoias will be the featured speaker of the next program in April. Visalia Mayor Steve Nelson and State Senator Jean Fuller were previous guests.
For more information, call 713-2707.