Thursday, June 19, 2014

Try Out Electronic Tablets, E-Readers, Before Buying at the Tulare County Library Visalia


What is it? It's a table with eReaders and tablets for patrons to look at and test drive.

Why are we doing this? We get a lot of questions from patrons about what type of eReader or tablet they should buy, what the eBook apps look like, and how to find settings and things in the apps. We have the equipment, so we are making it available to the public for practice and comparison of the different devices before they buy one of their own.

The Nook Color, Sony eReader, Kindle Keyboard, Kindle Fire, and Kindle HDX are now set up to test drive on the table. Other devices will be added as they are available to the library.

Each of the devices has at least five books downloaded to the apps or the native reading platform of the device (such as the Sony eReader, the Nook and the Kindles). The devices are programmed to allow patrons to read the books that are downloaded to get a feel for the eReading experience. Their ability to download additional apps, access the internet, or to download and play games is not enabled on these test drive devices.

The Technology Testing table is located next to the Reference Desk in the library. For questions, please call Electronic Resources Librarian Amanda Grombly at 713-2710.

Stop by the Visalia Branch Library and take a test drive before you buy!