Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Urgent Need For Volunteer Tutors

            The announcement that no current General Education Development tests will be accepted after the introduction of the 2014 GED has caused adults who have partially completed their GED to flock to the Tulare County Library Literacy Center.
            “We are seeing a large increase in the number of learners who want to get their GED this year, before they are faced with having to do the whole thing over again,” said Sue Gillison, Literacy Center Manager. “The 2014 GED has some major differences from the current test,” Ms. Gillison continued.  “In addition to having to retake the entire series, test takers will also have to pay the fee again, which is a hardship for many of our learners.  Another great concern is that the new test will be completely computerized, which is an additional hurdle for students who are not computer literate.
“There are many Tulare County residents who, for one reason or another, stopped studying for their GED’s before passing all five of the tests.  They are now determined to finish, and we are scrambling to find enough volunteer tutors to serve them,” said Ms. Gillison.  “If any Tulare County adult is looking for a way to serve their community, volunteer tutoring has never been more vital than it is now.  Anyone interested in helping fellow citizens and our program, can call our office at (559) 713-2745 to sign up for tutor training.  I’m sure they’ll find it a rewarding as well as important cause.”