Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mystery Readers Meeting, July 16

Mystery Readers Book Group 
Sponsored by The Friends of the Library 
(559) 713-2709

For the July meeting, 
Read a patriotic mystery.

Flags, holidays, Washington D.C., or some title suggestions:

The Fourth of July Wake  by Harold Adams              
Hair of the Dog  by Laurie Berenson
Someone to Watch over Me 
by Jill Churchill        
Dead on the Fourth of July  by R.E. Derouin

Act of Darkness 
by Jane Haddam                            
Yankee Doodle Dead 
by Carolyn Hart

Exit Wounds  
by J.A. Jance                                         
Die Like a Hero 
by Clyde Linsley

4th of July by
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro                 
Iron Ties 
by Ann Parker

Can’t Never Tell 
by Cathy Pickens                             
Star Spangled Murder 
by Valerie Wolzien

Next Meeting:  July 16th  at 6:30pm

Meets every third Wed. of the Month
In the blue meeting room, upstairs

Come and bring a friend!