Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 16th @ 11a.m. & 3p.m.--Children's Summer Reading Program--Boswick the Clown!!!

Be Creative @ The Visalia Library!
Children's Summer Reading Program 2009
Boswick the Clown

Thursday, July 16th
Two shows: 11am & 3p.m.

Kids Laugh With Former Ringling Brother's Clown Boswick!
Enjoy the antics of Boswick The Clown, a former Ringling Brother's Circus Clown. The show is a fun way to introduce youngsters to the joy of reading. There will be magic and juggling packaged in comedy.
The Show begins with an explanation of how a circus clown gets ready - by putting his make up in front of the children.
The children then create "the reading circus", where we have wild animals (the children), jugglers (the children), acrobats (the children) and magicians (the children). Very silly, very fun.
Boswick is the star of the Children's movie, "Here Comes The Clown", available on DVD, at over 500 libraries across the U.S. and Canada.

Parent must stay with their children during program times. No groups or daycare visits are allowed during our program times.