Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday July 23rd @11a.m- Randel McGee and Groark!!!

Music and Stories with Randel McGee and Groark!

Date: Thursday, July 23rd
Time: 11a.m
The hilarious antics and frolicking high energy of Randel McGee's pal Groark the Dragon® leaves the audience in stitches. This perfect comedic pair has been together for over 27 years; in fact they have become inseparable (at least on stage). People quickly relate to this loveable yet mischievous dragon as he stumbles through the mishaps of life. Randel McGee is always close by his side to point him in the right direction when he goes off course.
These two also make beautiful music together. With Groark being the only guitar-playing dragon that we know of, this musical duo has people cheering for more and singing for days.
As a seasoned performer, Randel McGee's fast-paced, high-energy blend of stand-up comedy, witty banter, original songs, and hilarious storytelling, appeals to young and old alike around the world.
Check out a video of Randel and Groark performing...
*Parents must stay with their children during program times. No group or daycare visits are allowed during our program times.